The Environmental Enclosure (EE-2) is for dust and water protection in industrial and agricultural environments and in public places. This is a Euro-Style plastic enclosure 120 mm wide, 180 mm high, and 80 mm deep (5 in × 7 in × 3 in) with a clear polycarbonate gasketed front cover. There are screened air inlets on the sides and an exhaust fan on the bottom.

Everything in the enclosure is powered by 12-16 VDC or, as an option, 24 VAC or DC. Other options are a relay to control external equipment, a 4-20 mA signal loop output, and an enclosure interior heater. Wiring to external equipment is via a semi-sealing side gland.

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Typical applications:

  • Factory environments with dust, spray, and general need for extra protection.
  • Farms to protect from dust and wash downs.
  • Agricultural storage areas to protect from treatment chemicals, sprays, dust, insects, and to provide an enclosed environment for instrument heating, etc.
  • Public areas such as office buildings, apartment complexes, and hotels to protect against tampering with the instrument yet keep it visible.
  • Other: swimming pool maintenance sheds, water supply control areas, trash bin areas, in ships, attached to machinery, and mobile skid packages.


  • Rugged construction made of tough polycarbonate.
  • Clear polycarbonate gasketed cover with 4 mounting screws.
  • Inside mounting board predrilled for Eco Sensors C, EZ, and OS series of instruments.
  • Relay output option with 5 amp contacts.
  • 4-20 mA output option.
  • Interior space heater option.
  • Designed so that any dust or liquid droplets that do enter the enclosure flow around the instument while the gas sample diffuses to the instrument gas inlets.
  • Bottom mounted exhaust fan to maintain air flow and remove accumulating dust, etc.
  • Extra top and side knock-outs so that the customer can attach his own additional piping and wiring.
  • Uses same 12 VDC output AC adapter that is supplied with the instrument.
  • 24 VAC or DC power option such as for HVAC and OEM machinery systems.

Product manual PDF file (59kb) (requires Adobe Acrobat ™ reader)

Sku: EE-2

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