OEM-2 Ozone Detection and Control Board

Eco Sensors, Inc. manufactures ozone sensing and control instruments which are in the form of low-cost circuit boards to mount in other manufacturers’ products such as ozone generators. These “OEM Boards” are 3 1/4” X 3 1/4” (83 X 83 mm) and can be mounted via spacers or brackets to the OEM’s equipment. The sensors are heated metal oxide semiconductors with a range of 0-.1 ppm.

The sensor is mounted with its associated electronics in a cylindrical plug-in mini-module. It is about 1/2” X 2” (13 X 51 mm), and is pre-calibrated in our lab. The sensor module can be plugged directly into the circuit board, or it can be separated by up to about 25 feet (8 m) by an extension cable with plugs on both ends.

There are many options available to help our OEM board fit your application including, custom calibration, conformal coating, and sensor extension cables. Please call to discuss your options when ordering. Discounts based on quantity of order only.


  • Power Req.- 12-24 VDC or VAC.
  • Set point relay- 5 amp NC and NO.
  • System connections- Terminal block.
  • Signal Outputs- 0-2 VDC and 4-20mA.


  • Sensor: Heated metal oxide semiconductor.
  • Range: 0-0.1 ppm. Accuracy: 20%.
  • Sensitivity: As low as 0.02 ppm.  This sensitivity will decrease if sensor module extension cables are used.
  • Response time: Within 10’s of seconds.
  • Turn-on, turn-off time delay: 8 seconds standard. Other times by request.
  • Temperature and humidity range: The calibration is only valid for normal room temperature and humidity. The circuit does not include temperature or humidity compensation devices.
  • Supply voltage required: 12-24 VDC or AC, 250 mA.
  • Relay ratings: SPDT non-latching. Contacts: 5 amps at 250 volts AC.
  • Size of main board: 83 X 83 mm (3.25″ X 3.25″). Requires 23 mm (.875″) clearance from top surface of board and 6 mm (.250″) clearance from bottom surface of the board.
  • Main board mounting: By 4 3.5 mm screws (or 6-32 screws).
  • Sensor Module: 16 mm (dia) X 45 mm (length), (.62″ X 1.75″), 10 g (0.3 oz)
  • Shipping weight: Both modules and 2 meter sensor extension cable, no adapter: 454 g (1 lb)).

Product manual PDF file (42kb) (requires Adobe Acrobat ™ reader)

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